Fedora Akimova Ukranian, b. 1987

“Each visual component should carry its own meaning, its own emotion or sound. When you successfully combine several components, you get a melody as a result. In the first place for me - for the viewer to hear this melody in their own way, so that my art helps to evoke emotions”

Fedora Akimova is a mixed-media artist specializing in installations, video and objects. She was born in 1987 in Kyiv, where, after receiving her first degree in printing and graphics, she began her creative career as an illustrator. As someone who had studied art since the age of 7, the matter of the profession was never a real question. In 2010 she moved to Russia – first to Kaliningrad, then St. Petersburg, where she studied decoration and staging. This diploma in theater decoration and stage design has impacted and developed her as a future artist, as she picked up many techniques and crafts into her art.

In her practice, Fedora creates blurred hypnotic landscapes and tender objects with elements of embroidery – all of these serve to depict new imaginary worlds - as mesmerizing and uncomfortable as they are, to help us to imagine a world “after”, a world without a human.

From 2017 to March 2022 Fedora resided and practiced in Moscow, and had multiple exhibitions in private galleries and large institutions including: Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (2021), MMOMA Moscow (2021), Cosmoscow Contemporary Art Fair (2018, 2021) and others. Fedora's solo exhibitions were held at the Artis (2018), Lazy Mike (2021), etc.

Her works are part of collections around the world: US, UK, Australia, Poland, Germany, France, South Korea, Mexico, Russia and of course, Ukraine.

Since March, 2022, Fedora has lived and worked in Tbilisi, Georgia.