Anton Kushaev Russian, b. 1983

Studying the iconographic language allowed me to learn about a fundamentally different optics in relation to pictorialism. This is still one of the key questions for me. What is an image? How it is related to the inconceivable and where are the boundaries of the language as a structure of knowledge?

Anton Kushaev graduated from Moscow Art College of Applied Arts (2001), The Icon Paintings School of The Moscow Theological Academy (2004), and Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art "BAZA" (2017).

In his paintings, Anton centers on the problems of revising symbolic systems in the history of art, the circulation of analog images in the digital age, as well as attempts to demythologize the "spiritual" in art. Kushaev sees the world as dehumanized, and it is unclear whether this is more nostalgic or predictive.