Falkov S.N. b. 1987

"Painting reminds me of exploring a personal relationship to the semiotic boundary at which the tangible form of concreteness of one's own thought ends."

Falkov S.N. has been the creator of several large projects combined under one name “Kruzhok”.

“Kruzhok”  —  is a brand, a workshop for designers, a showroom, an online radio station, an independent music label, and an upcycling studio, which is still in operation today. Working as a professional photographer and being already a part of art community, Stas decided to turn to art as a way to fight his emotional struggle during the COVID-19 isolation times.

Focusing his attention on the "literal imagery of the language", Falkov S.N. forms one of the main points of interest in his art — the exploration of the boundaries of images and symbols, and their meaning. 

Reconstructing and restoring “built-in cultural codes”, Falkov S.N. models his art as a kind of ark, insisting that "painting is never finite, it reveals a different approach to the therapeutic assimilation of his restless mind. 

Stas currently lives and works in Paris, France and is supported by  "l'atelier des artistes en exile".