Arina Frank Russian, b. 2001

Arina Frank is a Russian artist. Born in 2001 in Tver, she still resides and works on this city. Although Arina did not receive a professional art education, she realized early on that her calling was to work with images.
She worked as a graphic designer for several clothing brands and a large bank, but since 2022 she left her corporate job to fully dedicate herself to her own artistic career.
In her practice, Arina prefers to work with painting and graphics. The main task for the artist is to increase the visibility of women and to draw attention to the problems of adults and children who have experienced or are experiencing violence. An important theme is personal memories that have disappeared due to traumatic experiences. Violent subjects become the basis for the creation of the works. "It's a reality we face every day but rarely notice."
As a feminist artist, Arina builds her narrative around the slogan: "The personal is political".