The pandemic has significantly re-imagined how we can exhibit contemporary art in a more effective and environmentally conscious way. It has definitely affected, in a creative way, the question of efficiency and how we can reduce our carbon footprint.


Starting from this point, Voskhod Gallery is aimed to propose a platform for experimentation on presentation, displaying and distribution of art. Voskhod Gallery was founded as an online gallery with physical nods in Basel and Moscow to ensure that young generation of cutting-edge artists without gallery representation and international career could have their own voices heard, instead of being spoken for by those already in power. With that in mind, Voskhod Gallery refuses the traditional gallery system to compose a limited list of the artists of a long-term collaboration but, instead, Voskhod Gallery constructs it's programming around experimental group exhibitions staged in unconventional locations strictly for online presentation in collaboration with leading young photographers, graphic designers and video makers. Each group show published online on Voskhod Gallery's website is a reflection on zeitgeist and proposal on alternative way to curate and show art online in a visually overloaded world.


Voskhod Gallery champions the artists, who participate in the group shows providing a safe space for opportunity, advice, and support through personal approach and in-depth interviews. Voskhod Gallery is trying to be a force for change and believes that artists should be at the center of the art world, not gallerists or dealers, and this is a first step in changing that status quo by approaching even the process of selling art online with spirit of experimentation and joy.