‘X-Nowness’ collective exhibition

16 - 22 Jun 2022

The project brings together 38 contemporary artists and art groups, and offers a vision on the concept of time and the so-called ‘nowness’ — the quality or state of existing or occurring in or belonging to the present time. 

‘Time is not linear and doesn’t consist of discrete physical points. Rather, it is perceived as a frightening shift, chasing itself, at times running faster or on the contrary falling behind. Nowness itself is followed by its own ghost, some x-unknown. X-nowness can be represented as an innumerable diversity of variations of reality, an area inhabited by ghosts and not linked to any time. This invisible schism is actually a dynamic link between the past and the present, that is felt and exposed by the artists in the physical world. Their artworks exist temporally, as a glimmer between the past and the future, between the reality and the allegories for the reality’ (by Dasha Yartseva, curator) 

The exhibition will feature emerging and established artists represented by the galleries located in Switzerland, Netherlands and Russia.


Artists list:
Anna Afonina, Eva Arakcheeva, Dmitry Bulnygin, Maria Cohen, Ekaterina Costa, crocodilePOWER , Anastassia Dunaeva, Mariia Ermolenko, Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, Natasha Goncharova, Katya Isaeva, Diana Kaprizova, Valentin Korzhov, Vika Kosheleva, Kate Kovalenko, Max Ksuta, Anton Kushaev, Nadezhda Likhogrud, Kirill Makarov, Lilit Matevosyan, MishMash, Mayana Nasybullina, Misha Nikatin, Nikolai Onischenko, Irina Petrakova, Mika Plutitskaya, Vladimir Potapov, Alena Rakova, Sergey Rozhin, Alexey Shchigalev, Sofya Skidan, Alena Smolina, Anna Taganzeva-Kobzeva, Katya Tsareva, Oleg Ustinov, Alexey Vassiliev, Alexander Velichko, Ustina Yakovleva


Presented by Voskhod Gallery, OBDN Gallery, Art Catch Gallery
Supported by Voices of Culture


Installation Views