Zero Gravity

10 Feb - 13 Mar 2023

Zero gravity is a collection of images that depict artist's feelings of insecurity, loss, fear, and embarrassment in response to being forcibly cut off from their homeland. The paintings are presented as an autobiographical diary, with expressive brushstrokes, doodles, and barely readable writing. The installation features two paintings hanging on invisible ropes against a deep black background, creating a sense of weightlessness and erasing boundaries between the floor, ceiling, and walls. The layering of paints represents the unstable and rapid pace of everyday life, capturing only bits and pieces of the artist's experience in a chaotic yet ordered way…

The project reflects on the artist's vulnerability and sense of instability caused by political circumstances and the experience of being forced to leave their homeland and leave behind family and friends. The daily routine of being an artist and dealing with real life is also depicted, highlighting the loose threads that result from the difference in civic attitudes. The project serves as a reflection on the personal and traumatic experience of displacement and the emotional toll it takes on the individual.

Installation Views