Maria Cohen Russian/Israeli, 1989

I use the rabbit symbol as an alter-ego: an ambiguity of human nature.

Maria Cohen is a UK-based multidisciplinary artist who graduated from Camberwell College of Arts with an MA in Fine Art Painting in 2021. Her work explores the topics of sexuality and identity through the use of diverse media and a repetitive image of a rabbit as an alter-ego and symbol to represent both themselves and society. Maria’s studies at UAL were supported by Art Ambassador Awards, and she was involved in the development of a curatorial project at the Copeland Gallery in London 2021.

In 2022, Maria curated the regroup Collective exhibition “Intimacy” at the Fitzrovia Gallery and collaborated with Urban Outfitters. She also participated in a collective exhibition in Basel supported by Voices of Culture in the summer of 2022 and her work was selected for exhibition at the South London Gallery 2021 and London Grads 2021 at the Saatchi Gallery. 

As of February 2023, Maria presented a solo show ‘Zero Gravity’ in  Voskhod Gallery (Basel, Switzerland).