Liminal by Misha Gudwin

30 Aug - 6 Oct 2022
 “I am interested in the dialogue between the material industrial forms and ephemeral digital images taken from modern online communities and trends.”

Voskhod Gallery presents the “Liminal” project by Misha Gudwin.  In “Liminal”, Misha combines different technogenic and industrial objects with images associated with Internet subculture.

 The images that are used can be attributed to "liminal space aesthetics" – a direction in modern teenage digital culture, the object of which is the aggregation of images of various empty spaces.



In accordance with its etymology (“liminal” comes from the Latin word “limen”, which means “threshold”), the concept of liminal space covers physical spaces that, by virtue of their function, are transitional in nature – corridors, waiting rooms, parking lots. The aesthetic of liminal space is associated with the feelings of eerie, nostalgia, and apprehension that people report when they are presented with such places outside of their intended context; above all, their function as intermediate points between points of departure and destination.



“I am interested in creating complex objects from components that we are used to seeing in everyday life, on the street. However, in the new assembly, they become part of a new system that speaks to the viewer not in direct text, but in references. The art I make is notable for the absence of a direct narrative. These are aesthetic references that do not try to tell a story that is too clear for the viewer.” 

Installation Views