Oleg Ustinov Russian, b. 1984

My goal is to make the viewer ask the question "How is this done?", to create a work whose origin is difficult to recognize.

Oleg Ustinov is a Russian artist from Rostov-on-Don, a graduate of the Rodchenko Art School. He develops new forms of painting at the intersection of post-digital painting, collage and sculpture.

 In his artistic practice, he turns to the experience of the Soviet avant-garde and abstract expressionism. In one of his first series, "Sposobb" (2013), looking at different "ways" and "techniques", he finds color and compositional solutions that will be caught in his works further on. In the  "IDM" series (2013), Ustinov uses logo paper left from Oracal self-adhesive film - and sets out to "disrupt the rhythm," both literally and in the sense of rearranging the established order. In "Liquid Geometry" (2018), he explores the boundaries of geometric abstraction and abstract expressionism inspired by changing urban boundaries. In the series "4d/4p(+∞)" (2018), he examines the intersection of the manual and the digital in painting. In his latest works, Ustinov will combine the idea of blurring boundaries and the algorithm he invented for alternating between manual and digital painting.

 While working on different themes and formal approaches, Ustinov works in series, each one of them accurately and subtly traces the influence of his curatorial, literary and musical practices.