Aleksei Taruts Russian, b. 1984

I don’t know how to completely avoid materiality and I don’t think I would like to. I am not making an attempt to create non-material art or art that is not for humans, I am just talking about articulating the lack of a single impression.

Aleksei Taruts is a transmedia artist whose practice mainly involves performative and situational works along with mixed

media installations. The key issue in the artist’s research is the problematization of the concept of “event” as a unit of symbolic exchange. The artist interprets the modes of presence and distance relative to the event, formed by the affects of the cultural industry of the era of late capitalism. The area of interests of Taruts also includes manifestations of the irrational, caused by technologies of immediate representation and dispersion of attention, as well as the type of memory produced by unstable connections.


Aleksei graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations with diploma in International Law and studied film directing in the Higher courses of Scriptwriter and Film directors